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We provide FREE SingPost Registered mail for all game titles or meet-up @ SELECTED mrt stations.


SMS us @ 9386 4983 or email us xiaopeplay@yahoo.com.sg for any enquries.


We do sell Japanese titles as well. Just email/SMS us.


Xiao P E-Play - Singapore Online Game Store


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Q. How to pre-order?

A. Customer who wish to preorder from us, need to pay the deposit amount either via ATM transfer or Internet Banking to us first so that we can allocate a copy to you. Once game has arrived, we will contact customer and customer need to transfer the balance amount to us first before we can send the game via SingPost Registered Mail(Free-Of-Charge).

Q. How do I know the preorder price?

A. Customer can email us so that we can include you in our weekly newsletter for preorder titles and prices.

Q. How to order?

A. There are only 1 type of ordering method: via postage.

Q. Will there be extra cost for this type of delivery?

A. No. We will send you the total cost based on our pricelist and we will notify you the final selling price.

Q. Why is there a final selling price as I thought it is based on the pricelist?

A. 1. Our shop pricelist will be updated frequently once there is any arrival of new games.

2. Customers may base on our old pricelist to purchase the games, the company need to confirm the pricing with the customers to avoid any misunderstanding.

Q. If I stay overseas can I request my order to be post to overseas instead?

A. Right now our company is doing local (Singapore) business, we will update in this FAQ when we ready to take in overseas orders.

Q. Is there any GST?

A. Our company absorb the GST.

Q. How to purchase by postage.

A. Send us your request via email and state:

1. What game titles and its platform.

2. Your name \ mailing address \ contactable number \ prefer e-mail address.

3. State that you would like to purchase by postage.

Wait for our email or call, we will reply within one working day. We will give you our final selling price and confirm the titles and your address. Once you agree with the price just transfer the total amount via ATM banking\online banking to our bank account.

Please e-mail us your banking date\time\amount. Postage will be sent once we have received your fund transfer and an acknowledgement call\e-mail will be sent to you.

Q. Is it safe to send my order by post and what happen if it lost or I did not get the goods?

A. All goods are sent by SingPost as registered mail. It will be sent personally by SingPost postman to your delivery address and only household members will be able to receive the registered mail or you can inform the company we will check with SingPost.

Q. Is there any retail shop?

A. No. We only have this online store.

Q. I thought can purchase by calling your company phone numbers.

A. We need to get detailed information like games titles and delivery address. When chat over the phone there may be a chance that a mistake may be made for these information. With black and white we can have a better record and follow up. Please call us if there are any needs.

Q. Will the selling price be cheaper then retail shops?

A. Not really for some titles. Our Company will give you the best pricings.

Q. Your working hours and working days?

A. Our working hours are flexible. Do call us if you have any gaming needs as Xiao P E-Play is here to serve our customers better.


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LT: (2019-04-13 11:12:16) yes???

test: (2019-04-03 15:42:47) test

LT: (2018-12-14 23:29:29) Dear all PLEASE whatsapp or sms us instead. Calls will NOT be entertained.

LT: (2018-08-30 22:35:53) sorry no

Asher: (2018-08-30 15:14:49) Do you have ds4 USB wireless adapter

LT: (2018-08-13 21:33:40) sorry no

DT: (2018-08-11 01:06:30) Do you have Mariokart for the Wii

LT: (2018-07-17 19:58:11) sorry no

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