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We provide FREE SingPost Registered mail for all game titles or meet-up @ SELECTED mrt stations.


SMS us @ 9386 4983 or email us xiaopeplay@yahoo.com.sg for any enquries.


We do sell Japanese titles as well. Just email/SMS us.


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Monster Trucks Mayhem


Genre: Racing

Platforms: Wii

Price: $ 45.00

Yee-Ha!Strap yourself in because it's time for some Monster Trucks Mayhem! Enormous tires incredibly powerful engines and the shocking excitement of monster truck racing has come exclusively to Wii ! Put the beasts to the test as you tear through some of the meanest and most challenging tracks devised destroying whatever lies in your path and smashing opponents off the road.Roaring pumping engines! Destructively powerful tires! Stunning off-road experiences! All combine to bring the shocking excitement off Monster Trucks Mayhem home for play.Features: Massive interactive environments include breakable landscapes and destructible elements. Go big! Vault off of jumps get big air and snag in into boosts as a bonus. Game contains six vast outdoor landscapes including Manhattan Rooftops and Canadian Forest. Six unique and extreme monster trucks available for play including Indestructible Destroyer ( a military style crusher ) and Yellow Beast ( a crazy cab out for vengeance ). Compatible with the Wii steering wheel.

NBA 2K11


Published by: 2K Sports

Developed by: Visual Concepts / Kush Games

Genre: Sports

Platforms: PSP

Price: $ 45.00

In NBA 2K11 for the Playstation Portable, players can experience the thrill of playing as Michael Jordan, or create the ultimate NBA player and guide his every career move. Players can also experience a redesigned Turbo System, updated rosters, additional signature styles for players, and much more.
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